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To ensure that Burghmuir Limited is able to provide the best possible photographic image we have chosen to standardise our equipment based on the Canon Professional Range of DSLR's, Lens's and Video Cameras. Included within our equipment bank are a collection of 1Ds's and 5D Mk2's SLR Cameras (21 MPix).

Our vehicle is equipped with a 25 Metre high pneumatic mast which is fully controlled by a ground based controller, with all the camera functions easily selected and changed by a laptop located within the van. The mast can be easily and quickly deployed to any height and the resulting image quickly displayed on the controlling laptop. Having total flexibility in being able to change both the camera settings and mast height from ground level, each visit can be undertaken efficiently and effectively so ensuring the cost of each assignment is kept to an economic level.

For projects where vehicle access is limited or non existent, we carry within the van a mobile mast, which can easily be deployed by one man. This mast has a maximum height of 15 metres and can help to ensure we have the ability to undertake the majority of clients requests.

Our additional equipment ensures, if requested, that all photographic images can be digitally tagged with accurate GPS information, including both location and height details. Where virtual tour photography is required, we utilise professional VR Heads, so ensuring that all images are stitched accurately without distortion.

Our office is fully equipped, and utilises a wide range of professional software and hardware. Included within our software tools are Capture One Pro for converting our RAW files, Adobe Photoshop for image editing, Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited for our 360Degree Virtual Tours and Adobe Premiere Pro for any Video editing that is required.

Mast Head

Heavy Duty Pan Head
full zoom facility
incl. Canon 5D Mk2
17mm - 40mm Canon L Lens
GPS Module fitted

Van Mast Extended

25 Metre Vehicle Mounted Mast

Van Mast Extended

15 Metre Mobile Mast

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